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Are you sure you want to pursue a career in Yoga and desire to become a yoga teacher? If yes, then read on the article below and gain comprehensive insight.

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Yoga is more than asanas: – If that’s your path you need to be very careful about. Yoga is more than just asanas. Many yoga learners devotedly practice asanas but neglect what yoga encompasses holistically. Basically there are 8 limbs to yoga and to be a yoga teacher one need to be master in all. Precisely they are:-

  • Yama Universal morality
  • Asana:- Body Postures
  • Niyama:- Personal Observance
  • Pratyahara:- Control of the senses
  • Dhyana:- Devotion, meditation on the divine
  • Pranayama:- Breathing exercise and controlling of prana
  • Dharana:- Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
  • Samadhi:- Union of the divine

If you are not well-aware with all these facts, then enroll for yoga teacher training course and purse your dream to be a yoga instructor.

Strive to shed light and not to control: – You need to be deft in above 8 limbs and should practice them thoroughly in order to impart training to others. Be polite and humble while you train students and make sure that you preach what you say. Nobody wants a yoga teacher to make rude comments neither any one wishes to see yoga teacher around a fast food joint. You need to adopt a strict curriculum. Your students will learn what you want them to learn. So keep your foot on the ground and put your best efforts forward to make them learn.

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Are you specialized: – Unless and until you are specialized in the field, you won’t be able to direct students properly? There are different types of Yoga from Bhakti to Kundalini to Power flow. Choose what you wish to prefer. Try different styles so that you select the one that suits you. There are different Yoga training schools. Enroll in to hone your skills in the field. But before you choose the training program, look in to the reading list, check out some books, talk to guest teachers, and learn about various certification programs. Would you prefer to spend longer span of time in learning yoga or it will be just couple of weeks? Give heed to it, you know your lifestyle, so decide accordingly as in what suits you the best.

Right trainer: – What you learn greatly depends upon the instructor before you. So continue leaning from different trainers until you find the one that resonates with you. Understand what you are indulging in to. In your enthusiasm of learning yoga and getting certified don’t end up with creepy yoga cult. Many a times, a lot of teacher train for money and don’t serve authenticity. Make sure you don’t fall in such traps.

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Remember 20/80 rule: – If you desire to take up yoga teacher training program, avow that you practice each and everything taught. Don’t forget that most of the teachers and training schools will warmly welcome you, promising to train you the best. But precisely they fake around to earn money from you. In fact yoga certification is not big thing. Anyone who can pay the fees can get certified but not all become good instructor. To be a successful yoga teacher you need to have 20 percent facts- as yoga certification and 80 percent professional approach.

Subhadra Bhadauria is a regular blogger. She holds passion for writing and compiles several articles on Yoga teacher training health and fitness. She has completed her mass communication and engages herself in novel writings.

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