5 adverse effects of drinking chilled water

It is known to all that it is really crucial to drink water in a prerequisite amount in staying hydrated. You need to drink 8 glasses of water at least on a daily basis. It is also necessary to drink water which is free from contaminants by the installation of water purifiers of premium quality. However, there are very fewer people who are aware that the temperature of drinking water has an effect on the health. Many people prefer drinking a glass of chilled water no sooner after they return from work. Drinking chilled water is more common in summer right after people return from work for quenching the thirst and the removal of exhaustion. However, there are only a few people who know the fact that drinking the chilled water can cause more harm than good.

Here we are going to discuss the harmful impact of drinking chilled water:
Cold water has a negative impact on the digestion

One of the primary reasons owing to which it is essential to say no to drinking chilled water is due to the fact that it has a serious impact on the digestion system. Child water and other cold beverages are responsible for the contraction of the blood vessels. This is responsible for the restriction of digestion. This causes a hindrance in the digestion system at the time of consumption of chilled water. The is due to the fact that the focus of the boy is diverted to a regulation of the temperature of the body and chilled water from digestion. The body requires spending additional energy with an eye to regulating the temperature of the body as you intake things with a lower temperature. The additional energy is a prerequisite for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients which get hindered on drinking chilled water.

Results in constipation
As stated above, drinking water at room temperature is a must for proper digestion. However, in taking chilled water causes constipation. The reason is that as you drink the chilled water, solidification and hardening of food happens while passing via the body. Drinking chilled water also leads to a contraction in the intestine which happens to be one of the primary causes of constipation.

Shocking the body
You should strictly avoid drinking chilled water post to strenuous workout. There are a number of people who drink chilled water, after work out, especially during summer. In accordance with the gym experts, it is recommended to intake warm water post to work out. The body is responsible for the generation of more heat while working out. In case you intake chilled water, a mismatch in temperature occurs that has a negative impact on the digestive system of the body. The body finds it really challenging to absorb the chilled water post to working out. According to several experts, as a person consumes chilled water post to work out, he may suffer from chronic stomach pain since chilled water causes a shock in the body.

Reduction in the heart rate
Another reason for avoiding drinking chilled water is due to the fact that it reduces the heart rare. In accordance with several studies, consumption of chilled water leads to the stimulation of vagus nerve, apart from the reduction of heart rate. The vague nerve is responsible for controlling the involuntary functions of the body. The nerve is also considered to be an indispensable part of the nervous system. Since the nerve is affected by the lower temperature of water, the heart rate reduces eventually.

Effect on the breakdown of fat
Drinking chilled water post to consumption of meal is responsible for interfering the capability of the body for breaking down the fats. The cool temperature of the water is responsible for solidification of fat from food. Owing to his, it becomes really challenging for the body to break down the unwanted fat of the body. Even in the case, you drink normal water; you need to make sure to wait for half an hour post to a meal prior to drinking water in order to procure the maximum benefits.

There are obvious reasons for which it is recommended to avoid drinking chilled water. However, this does not indicate that you stop drinking water as it will be doing more harm than good. Drinking normal water comes with a plethora of benefits and hence you should ensure to drink water on a regular basis.

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