3 Countertop Material Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen While Staying In Budget

If you are in the mood for home renovation or simply updating the look of any room or more importantly building a dream house then countertops are one item that are highly important and expensive. They usually cover a lot of area and are one areas of concern when thinking about adding style and comfort to your home. If you have an unlimited budget, then you can go crazy with importing the most stylish tops from around the world but for something affordable not a huge variety is available, but that does not mean you have to compromise on quality or style. The following three countertops ideas are not only affordable but do not compromise on the look and decor of your house.

  • Cultured Marble Countertop

This is not truly a marble but is a manmade material that can efficiently achieve the look of an excellent marble top thus it is a lot cheaper and requires low maintenance being simple to clean. There are many options with cultured marbles from various colours to even textures. While you can opt for an appearance that is exactly like marble, you can also go for solid looking colours, shaded countertops in hues or a few other patterns. Solid colours in a light shade would look excellent and modern in a stylish bathroom along with dark coloured wooden cabinets while if you wish for a metallic theme for your kitchen then a grey cultured marble would fit perfectly making your kitchen contemporary.

  • Tiled Countertop

Tiles are not only inexpensive but are exquisite additions for your house. Usually tiles always remind us of bathrooms but various patterns, colours and designs can lead to an entirely new look for any countertop. Ceramic and porcelain are gorgeous materials and very durable for tiles. If you are worried about staining and dirt forming in tile joints then they can easily be sealed off.

When thinking of tile countertops think other than white, cream or black unless you are going for a traditional or serene decor, more fun options are possible such as aqua or lime green or even yellow. For design, tile walls can match tiled countertops or a plain wall decorated with a tiled block photos onto canvas and uniquely designed acrylic prints.

  • Laminated Countertop

Lamination is highly affordable and very simple to clean, it may not be highly durable but replacement costs will not be expensive. Numerous styles can be achieved through lamination due to its ability to mimic anything; you can go for a textured countertop to a plain sleek black one. Give your kitchen the perfect look with this countertop and couple up with some cheap canvas prints on the wall and stylish appliances. This will not impart a glorious new look to the counter top but to the entire kitchen as well.


Countertops are indeed the most important area of any kitchen not matter it is small or large. Therefore, you need to decorate it in style in order to impart a glorious and scintillating looks to your kitchen.

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