10 Tips for Maintaining Your Furniture in Winter

Furniture sets play an important role in home. The colors and patterns of the furniture would express the homeowner’s sense of style and taste. It is one of the reasons why we highlight the important of furniture. Some stylish furniture even cost your several thousands of dollars. However, these beautiful pieces are quite fragile and prone to damage in winter. Here are 10 smart tips for protecting them and keeping great looking in this season.

Maintaining Furniture in Winter

1. If you have leather sofas, regularly clean it with a piece of flannelette. To remove stains on leather sofa, clean them with egg whites which is a much better cleaner than those cleaners that contained lots of chemical substance. In this way you can remove the stains from your leather sofas as well as keep them shining as new one.

2. Toothpaste can help you cleaning stains of the fridge. Only keep in mind that uses soft cotton to wipe it instead of brushing it.

3. Milk is good at removing stains and dirties on wooden furniture. Expired milk need not to discard, dip soft cotton into it, twist dry, and then wipe your wooden furniture. In addition, tea is also a good cleaner for wooden furniture.

4. Winter is the season of holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Each holiday I like to gather all my family and friends so we could have a good meal and chat to together. It always gives me a lot of happiness. However, it is annoying to clean up the kitchen after that, especially the countertops. But do not worry about it this year. I find that white radish is extremely helpful in removing those oil and grease stains on counter tops.

5. Apple core is also very helpful in cleaning up grease which sticking on kitchen sink. That is because the apple core contains pectin which can remove oil stains.

6. People prefer adding flannelette items to home in winter, but it proves to a tough task while cleaning them. Try to use alcohol to rub the spot. And then dry it with a hairdryer.

7. For families with kids, keeping home clean is doubly difficult. You always can find juices on the carpet. Just bear in minds that never use damp cloth to wipe it. The right way is blot the spot dry with a cloth, sprinkle some salt on the stains, and suck up the salt with vacuum. Stains on your rug will quickly disappear.

8. Gums sticking on rug are ugly and difficult to remove. In order to solve this problem, using ice can be an effective way. Cover gums with a bag of ice about half hour, and then takes the bag away. That’s it. Gums are removed.

9. For the grease sticking on the tile of the cooking pot, cover the area with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is almost transparent, not readily visible, and easy to stick on the tile. What you should do is change the oil-stationed plastic wrap with a new one weekly.

10. The salted water can be very helpful in preventing wooden furniture from corrosion. Moreover, if your wooden furniture has scratches, add a coat of cod-liver oil and keep it for a day.

Author bio: Jane Yang is a university graduate and working in the Melodyhome, online furniture store which sales all of your home furniture and home furnishings. She is a writing enthusiast and loves home design and decor. Sharing some good ideals about buying furniture and decorating home online brings Jane much fun.

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