10 things which one should surely do on Ahmedabad trip

India is an incredible country that has got so many interesting cities to visit. Talking of which Ahmedabad is one such major city located in the state of Gujarat that is known to be a place of rich Mughal heritage. It is a city made with the blend of fine yet modern infrastructure facilities which has supplemented many business powerhouses. Other than this, the city is an excellent place of brilliant restaurants, museums and even the night markets that you may not find elsewhere. Take a look at some of the major places that you need to visit.

1.Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden:
For animal lovers, this place is definitely worth to watch as you get to see the free wild scenarios and conservation of some of the endangered species. Most of the hotels in Ahmedabad city can offer you a ride to this place

2.Gandhi Ashram
It is one of the popular attractions located in this lovely city which is said to be a place of non-violence protestation. Today, this place is a museum storing some great informative records of Gandhi’s teachings.

3.Akshardham Temple:
If you love to explore holy places then along with mosques, this temple is a must visit. The place is a perfect example of architectural masterpiece and is visited by more than million people every year.

4.Manek Chowk:
Do not forget to add this place in your to-do-list which is located in the old area of Ahmedabad. It is also said to be a jeweller’s market but for foodies this place can be a heaven as you can experience the popular Gujarati dishes and sandwiches.

5.The Calico Museum of Textiles:
Visiting this place of textile museum is a must as there is a wide collection of Indian textiles that are quite antiques. The place is around 500 years old.

6.Science City:
People who love innovation and research need to visit this place which was ideally made to create awareness of science and the human life application. It is all about 3D, amphitheatre, and exhibition hall to name a few.

7.Jama Masjid
This is another beautiful mosque, which was built in the year 1423. This mosque was made from the materials received after demolishing Jain and Hindu temples. If you are planning to book a heritage hotel Ahmedabad based to visit this place, then make sure you visit here during evening to enjoy the peace and unity that you may not see elsewhere.

8.Heritage Walk:
Just the way you plan for a city walk, do not forget about a heritage walk which covers the old part of Ahmedabad and can be pretty interesting yet impressive.

9.Kankaria Lake:
This place is located in the south side of Ahmedabad and is considered to be one of the biggest lakes in the while city. Kids will love this place as there are many activities and entertainment modes like balloon rides, toy train and water rides to name a few.

10.Auto World Museum
People who love vintage cars shall definitely visit this place. Here more than 100 different finest cars like Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Lincolns are worth to experience and enjoy.

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